There was one great day before the Mother`s day. It was the iblog 5
The iblog 5 was held May 9, 2009 at the Malcolm Theater UP Law Center. iblog 5 is the fifth Philippine Blogging Summit which is a whole day seminar about blogging and related topics. This is an annual blog summit which is being held here in the Philippines. For the straight 5 years iblog has been educating all internet users about how blogging is used as media tool in different ways. Topics are being discussed from Blogging 101 to Problogging, which are all useful both for newbies and the old ones.It is important that we learn what blogging is all about because there`s a lot of things in which we can use it. Like using it as personal journal,for business,marketing and a lot more. Like Carl Valenzona

One of the good thing about blogging is you can publish about the things you love or the things that interests you. Like you can do a photo blog,video blog,podcast and a lot more. You really can create your own. These types of blogs were discussed during the iblog5 and it was full of information.
Bloggers all over the country came and this year has the largest population of attendees. It is nice to attend seminars like this for this will help us a lot.This gives important knowledge we can`t learn from schools. Blogging is new to most people but the moment you will learn what are the good things it brings nowadays it will surely be helpful in some ways for us.It is recommended to socialize with the blogging community specially when you`re new and you want to learn because the effect in return is rewardless. Bloggers are helpful and most of them are friendly,as far as experience they would be kind enough to answer what you wanna know even in the most detailed way specially during the iblog5 . It has been really helpful to my friends. Together we will explore the world of blogging and learn from things.
For us blogging is a continous learning that we will apply and this is never ending. Thanks to the UP Internet and Society Program. Thank you Carl
Blogging is sharing. Maybe you can share posts related to this event so that we can also read  it.  In the meantime will leave some photos during iblog5.


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  1. Nice meeting you too Carl! I was staring at you always because you were very familiar to me. Kaya pala, ka-Plurk pala kita. LOLZ

    11/05/2009 at 3:01 pm

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  10. wow ang saya ng iblog. sana makasama din ako sa mga blogging kaso di ako marunong e.

    17/05/2009 at 1:10 am

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