Rendezvous Offers Something New to the Music Table

Rendezvous Offers Something New to the Music Table

You often hear music that sounds seemingly amazing in the beginning, until the novelty soon fades away. If you want to steer clear of this disappointment, you will need music you can listen to over and over – just like the multi-genre songs of Rendezvous.

Rendezvous is a talented jazz-electropop band about to launch their album this year. And before you say, “No, I don’t listen to jazz OR electronica,” just open your ears and listen. You’re in for a big surprise.

Back in 2004, Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg produced their very first EP together. They made their song available via Internet. One by one, listeners became converts; it seemed like Izenberg and Simon made quite a tandem when it came to making great songs. They soon came to be known as Rendezvous.

Rendezvous, just as its name suggests, is a meeting of different flavors, a bringing together of different music genres. The culture of music gives a big sigh of relief after Rendezvous has successfully produced songs that reflect two very dissimilar genres, all done in good taste.

Their songs received thousands of downloads in a short span of time. Even their YouTube videos have been viewed about 15,000 times and counting (

Because of their outrageously successful EP, Rendezvous went to work on their debut album. The famous producer David Bascombe is currently mixing their tracks, just as he has done for Natalie Imbruglia, Skunk Anansie, Verve, Suede, and Bon Jovi, among many others.

Speaking of music greats, Rendezvous is also collaborating with filmmaker Uzi Adam who is capturing Rnedezvous’ journey in artistic snippets. Rendezvous’ debut album will also be launched as a video series, providing listeners with something to watch as they enjoy Rendezvous’ music.

The album contains eight tracks, all prepared with much forethought and preparation. Although all songs bear Rendezvous’ signature style, they are quite different from each other. One song features a string orchestra; another includes a darbuka, among other Asian instruments.

Download and listen to Rendezvous’ previous songs on You may also watch their behind-the-scenes teaser videos on


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